'Alternative' Funerals (A modern approach)

27th November 2019

The Funeral Service in Britain is changing rapidly. There are companies offering 'alternative' funerals, with a different, more modern approach compared to how the more 'traditional' funerals are carried out.

It is true that every life is unique and therefore every funeral is unique and the life of someone should be celebrated in a way that is unique to that individual. You may not want a black hearse, or someone walking in front of it dressed in full mourning attire wearing a top hat. You may not want a traditional wooden coffin. You may like the idea of having a burial in a woodland area. You may not even want a funeral service at all, instead celebrating the life elsewhere at a different time and place altogether.

Some people still want what is considered a very traditional funeral. At W Sherry & Sons we offer this, but we can also help with any 'alternative' arrangements you may wish to make the funeral as unique as possible, and with 170 years of experience we are well equipped to advise you on all aspects of the arrangements.

Some things you may want to think about as an 'alternative' to a traditional funeral;

Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss any requirements you may have.

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